Monday, October 26, 2009

Tales from the sale.

So....we had the garage sale this weekend.

And you know? It really wasn't that bad. Despite the bright and early 6AM rise time on a weekend morning, it was actually a successful venture...

Perhaps bright and early was the wrong choice. It was early, alright...not so bright.

We expected early birds, so we tried to move quickly...but we still weren't ready when the first customers arrived at 7:15.

I didn't take any pics while we actually had customers, by the way. But I promise we had them. By 11, we were cleared out of the little stuff, but the furniture hadn't moved.

And by the time the end of the sale rolled around, we'd had a pretty successful day! Successful enough, that is, for one of my chairs to be reupholstered, so hopefully Santa will come through with the other one. :)

On Sunday, I finally had the chance to tackle my new project...

Again, Mikell, if you are reading this, please stop.

I started the first of my homemade Christmas presents for the year...a set of six placemats and matching napkins. Is the fabric not SO beautiful? It's from my new favorite place: CityCraft. If you live in Dallas (heck, if you live near Dallas), you should head over there, stat. It's AMAZING.

All in all, a pretty good weekend! Now the rain is back...kinda appropriate for a Monday.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend, too!


Danielle said...

Loving your blog! Found you by way of CityCraft...can't wait to make my first stop there...hopefully tomorrow. I wish I had found you Friday, bc I would have come to your garage sale. BTW, Did you sell all your furniture? My hubby and I moved here almost 3 years ago from San Diego...its taken awhile, but really startin' to love it here, especially when I find fun sites like yours! Keep up the inspiration!!!

Hannah said...

Thanks for your sweet comment, Danielle! We didn't sell our furniture, so I dropped it off at my friend Jenny's store---Uptown Country Home in Snider Plaza. She's got fabulous, fun things---you should check it out!

akmill said...

Are your prices at the store similar to the ones in the pictures? If so, I'll be there TODAY to buy them. I could really use all three. . .

akmill said...

Hi Hannah,

I called Uptown Country and she said the prices are now $350 for the large dresser and $275 for the smaller. The large one has been painted already but the small one is the same as your picture. Would you be willing to take any less for either? If not, I understand. I wish I would have come across your blog sooner! I would have loved that vanity!
Thanks! Amanda