Monday, October 5, 2009

It's (the beginning of) the most wonderful time of the year.

It's October, which means it's time to tackle my Christmas list. Every year I attempt to have all of our shopping done by Thanksgiving so that I can concentrate on my very favorite Christmas tradition: decorating the house.
Also, mall crowds give me anxiety. 

First thing checked off the list? A couple of pretty fabulous outfits from Boden.  I just happen to know two little girls that will look darling in them. 

This one is for Miles. LOVE those pink flowers
Purple is for Peyton. I think her outfit needs a pair of funky tights.

I'm also trying to do some homemade Christmas presents this year. My sister in law (I don't *think* she reads the blog, but if you do, Mikell, stop reading now!) collects silver goblets, and I found a really pretty set of 5 at my favorite consignment store in dallas, Consignment Collection. A little polish and they'll be ready to go. 

Obviously, that's not the handmade part. 

This is: 

They are pouches to put the silver goblets in so they won't tarnish. I basically made little envelopes with a cute fabric I picked up at Hobby Lobby and lined them with green Pacific Silver cloth. 

I tried to do piping along the edges, but two trips to JoAnne's, a broken needle in the sewing machine and multiple cuss words later, I decided they were cute enough without the piping.

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