Thursday, October 1, 2009

Show me whatcha workin' with...

I'll admit it...I'm indecisive. I change my mind a lot...which can make home design just the teeniest bit difficult.

When we moved into our house, I promised Allen that they only thing that would have to change was the one room. Well, 2 years later, the only rooms that haven't been repainted are "his": the guest bathroom he uses when we don't have guests (our master bath is teeny) and his office.

In my defense, we did have an involuntary remodeling project that involved a very, very small hole in the pipe leading to our washing machine and the flooding of the entire. back. of. our. house.

So here we go. Sorry the pics are dark, they were taken with my iPhone.

The chairs I mentioned in my earlier post? They are going in here.

The settee was a hand me down from my grandparents.

Guest room below. I just love the pillows and the drapes...all from Uptown Country Home, my friend Jenny's great shop here in Dallas. Visit her!

Our little bitty dining room.

How cute is that chair? It's one of a pair. I found them on a street corner the day before we left DC. They were gold leafed and upholstered in well used red velvet and looked like mini-thrones.

So here's what we got, peeps...for now. Any (budget friendly) suggestions? Until I can hire my uber-talented friend Meredith to help me, it's a continual work in progress.

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