Monday, October 19, 2009

Don't you just love the weekend?

I know it is Monday, but I have a habit of holding on to the weekend.

Especially weekends like the one I just had. After literally weeks of rain, the sun came out and we had a perfect fall weekend, weatherwise. Since moving to Texas I've become especially appreciative of those weekends, because we only get about one a year!

We had houseguests this weekend and we had a great time. The dinner party was so fun (I know you were just DYING to know if I was able to pull it together-ha!) and the card table saved the day once again.

We're rocking the mismatched chair look at our house...because I have to pull them from every single room. :)

I have a complete phobia of setting the table incorrectly (fork in the wrong place, etc) so I just put the flatware on top of the plate.

Tilly was pooped from all of the entertaining. Or, more likely, she was in a food coma from the entire tomato that I dropped on the floor and she devoured before I could get to it.

Saturday morning, my errands sidekick and I hit the road. She was thrilled.

First stop? Consignment Collection on Inwood. LOVE this place. I find something there every single time and it's always such a bargain, I almost feel quilty. For about 5 seconds, and then I get over it.

This time was just like every other time...
How freaking cool are these? Can't you just imagine the home these came out of? Wish I could have seen it.

It was tough, but I only took one of them home with me...the little round ceiling mount in the upper left hand corner of the photo. I'm finally replacing the ugly light in our entrance hall!


Next stop was Uptown Country Home...where Jenny completely blew it and handed Allen the reciept for the light pictured above. Granted, I dropped it. He got over it when he realized what a deal it was.

And when I showed an incredible amount of willpower and didn't come home with any of the fabulous things she has in her store right now, he was even more appreciative (and probably shocked).

I am actually a little shocked, too. Not sure how he convinced me that I didn't have to have this amazing headboard...

Or a new bathmat.  How fabulous is the robin's egg blue with the white dot pattern?!?  Anyway, my loss is someone else's gain (unless I beat them back to the store). Which I might.

At this point, Tilly was kind of over it. So we headed home...

Until we took a detour and stopped at Again and Again on Henderson.

This is the fabulous consignment mecca where I found my Chippendale secretary.  As always, Leslie had some pretty gorgeous things that with a little love, could be truly amazing.

Like this double chest of drawers. Can't you just see this laquered white with a brilliant robin's egg blue painted...

...on the inside, just showing through the cane?   

I swooned when I saw this baby hanging inside the entrance to the store...I've been on the hunt for something exactly like this for our dining room. Maybe someday!

By now, Allen and Tilly had both completely had it, so we headed home and out to the SMU tailgate/game against Navy, which was a nailbiter....the Ponies lost by a field goal in overtime. :(

This week, I'm spending LOTS of time getting ready for our first garage sale...a process that is already making me a little crazy. I have NO idea how to price this stuff! Keep your fingers crossed that we won't have anything left over or I really might lose my mind.

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Dagny @ Beautiful Living said...

Wow, that headboard is beyond amazing! Love all the potential bargains!
Have a great weekend!!