Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pardon the absence...

I've been a little busy...
With this little guy!!

John Kendrick was born on September 2, 2010 at 6:16 pm. He was 7 lbs, 6 oz, and we are more blessed than I could ever have imagined. I know I'm partial, but he is a beautiful baby boy and such a good, sweet baby. 

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pouf, you're comfy.

A few years ago, I bought a John Derian pouf that I LOVE and that Allen tolerates. He has made fun of me a million times about how unnecessary a piece of furniture it is, and while I completely disagree with him, I will admit that it didn't get much use.

Until's in the nursery, serving a very, very important purpose--footrest for the glider. :) 

So imagine my excitement this AM when I logged into to see if I could get yet another steal on a seagrass rug for our bedroom...and found these!! 

Anyone need one? The white and yellow are darling....

Monday, August 9, 2010

A remedy for sleep.

I've not been sleeping well, lately. Probably because my brain is going a million miles an hour.

But I've got a remedy, and only half of it comes in the form of a little miracle pill (prescribed and approved by my OB, just before anyone starts getting their undies in a bunch!)...

It's called PureBeech.

On Saturday, Allen and I stopped by Buy Buy Baby (otherwise known as Bye, Bye, Paycheck--- Helllooo, 8 Million Things Your Baby Does  NOT Need But You Will Feel the Need to Buy) to grab a few things that none of you care about, like changing pad covers. When that was over, we hopped next door to Bed, Bath and Beyond to look at fans because it's hotter than hell here and I'm in need of respite.

While there, we were reminded that our smart friend Mere told us to check out the PureBeech line of sheets...she swore they were the most comfy sheets ever and a good deal.

So we did...and we walked out of the store with them.

I washed those puppies, put them on the bed and crawled in. omg. 


You should probably go right now and get them. When I finally get around to ordering my new Pine Cone Hill bedding, our room is going to be cute AND comfy.

P.S. Apparently, I'm late to the party. So if you don't believe me, check this out:

Thursday, August 5, 2010

My little man has zapped my creativity.

I go to work, come home, get in my bed and go to sleep. Sometimes I eat ice cream for dinner.

Sometimes I hang out with Allen while he eats take out.

(Aside: I'm the worst wife ever.  I haven't made dinner in 2 months. Not kidding. )

Long story short, I've been really good (in my own humble opinion) during my pregnancy in terms of exercising and eating well, so I feel a little entitled to slack off a little in the remaining weeks. Also, this kid has a vice-grip on my sciatic nerve, and ice cream is the only thing that makes this better.

Yes, I do understand that there isn't a direct link between my sciatic nerve and the ice cream I've consumed this week.  But in my mind it helps. So, that's really all that matters, right?

I'm not a total sloth, though...We had half the house painted last week, which meant that last weekend Allen and I tore the rest of it up, rearranged all of the furniture in our bedroom, recovered our headboard, purged about 200 lbs of stuff (which he carried to the Goodwill truck), repainted and wipe-on poly'd 2 new bedside tables AND I stayed out with friends until 12:30 on Saturday night. We also moved several large pieces of furniture around in the guest room. And when I say we, I mean he did. In the middle of the night. Because it HAD. TO. BE. DONE. RIGHT. THEN. OR.  I'D. NEVER. SLEEP.AGAIN.  Completely rational request, right??

I'm sure that's what he was thinking.

All of that to say---I have had a really hard time coming up with anything interesting to blog about.  In fact, I bet no one is even reading this anymore.

But then I was introduced to Awkward Family Photographs.

OMG, this ^&*% is funny.

If you've never visited, then you need to go there RIGHT NOW.


I'll leave you with this:

(No offense to any readers who may have taken pre-natal photographs with dirty automobile parts while naked.)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bragging Rights.

I've mentioned my uber-talented friend Meredith before, but I just have to feature her again, for a few reasons:

1. She just moved to Dallas w/ her husband Lee and they bought a house in our neighborhood! Woot!
2. She is having a baby boy in December, which means our little guys can be best friends from the start.
3. She is a cah-razy talented designer (handbags AND houses) and she just launched her new website!!

You should check it out:

A few sneak peaks at her work:
Can't you see everyone of these rooms on the cover of House Beautiful? Brill!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


We (almost) finished the nursery today!! I'm pretty excited. :) Only thing left to do is have the mirrors painted, hang them over the changing table and wait until we see his sweet little face, so we can take a picture of it (or, more likely, 100,999,387 pictures of it) and put it in the frame over the crib with the pics of his mommy, daddy, grandparents and great grandparents when they were little.

We also need roman blinds for the windows, but that's going to have to wait for a bit. I spent that part of the budget on the glider. Already I can tell you that I think I made the right decision! 

The Louisville Slugger next to the big elephant is going over the window, eventually...

My mom and dad bought us the mobile for Valentine's Day...back then it seemed like FOREVER until he'd get here. I love the sweet birds. Hopefully he will, too. I realize he won't be able to actually focus on it for a few months, but we've got other things to help with that. 

When it's totally complete I'll do a better job of taking you on a tour, with sources, and more detail.

Because after he's born, I'm going to have ooodles of time, right??


In other, equally exciting news...guess what else is finished?!??!

The bathroom!! Hallelujah! Pinch me! I truly was beginning to think this day would never come.

Here you go:

It's so darn teeny in there it's a bit of a bugger to photograph. But with the ceiling lifted and the pedestal sink, it feels SO much bigger!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Catching up.

So, I've been pretty MIA for the last few months.

News flash, I know. For the 2 of you who still follow this, apologies.

A few pics to show you what I've been doing...

We went to Leland and only took one pic, which is ridiculous, because you would DIE if you saw some of the cottages I meant to take photos of.

We took our friends Rich and Alexis to Allen's parent's lakehouse and this guy joined us. I am not exaggerating when I say that I freaked. the. heck. out.
I've spent hours and hours working on the nursery. It's thisclose to being finished...and it's getting soooo darn cute.

Half of those hours were spent testing paint samples.

My ob/gyn grounded me from travel at 28 weeks, so we beat the TX heat and went back to the lake for the 4th of July. Allen and Tilly chilled on the dock...
Our oldest niece got stuck in a monsoon while water skiing...which she's getting SO good at...
Our nephew cracked us up all day long with facial expressions like this...(not sure why it looks like he's swimming in liquid kryptonite)...
Allen practiced his baby skills with a dear friend's little boy...
And I continued to grow. Also not sure why my hair looks bi-colored in the pic. It's not a new look I'm trying out.

33 weeks tomorrow! The little man will be here before we know it.

Next up? The bathroom.

No, it's still not done. The marble piece was the wrong size.  Because the edges were rounded. So it's 1/4 inch short on one side....and apparently will be ready "next week", which I've now learned is contractor speak for "the day after never."  It's a comedy of errors and I swear, every time he comes to the house I search behind him for Candid Camera.