Sunday, November 1, 2009

Prince Harry and The Running Joke.

This weekend has gone by in  a flash...our friend Scott Stanzel is giving a speech in Dallas tomorrow, so he came in town early to spend a few days with us. Allen and Scott were roomates in DC for several years, so on Friday night we went to Park for dinner with their third roomate, Rich and his fiancee, Alexis.

If you live in the Dallas area and haven't been to Park, you should go...the food is great and they have a really fun drink menu, but the decor is SO cool. Big graphic print wallpaper and carpeting, vintage sofas and upholstered's pretty fab.

This weekend was the beginning of Partner's Card, so I spent a lot of time on Saturday getting some Christmas shopping out of the way...and made another stop at CityCraft. I just love that store! Everytime I stop in, I find something else I love and and just have to have.

Probably no need for me to pontificate on my feelings about Halloween again, so Allen and Scott went out on their own...but I do have to say that for the first time EVER I came up with a few creative costume ideas from things we already had around the house. I know, toot toot of my own horn and all that, but it's really kind of a big deal for me. It probably won't ever happen again!

So, without further ado...

I introduce you to Prince Harry.

2 cans of hairspray, a google search for Prince Harry's coat of arms, our printer was all it took...fortunately we've got the red hair part down.

And for the the real piece de resistance...a "running joke."  Easiest. costume. ever. Running clothes and a paint pen.

Allen was really in character, obviously.

So after they left, I completely turned into a geek. I admit it, but you know what?


I turned on Lost in Austen (see, told you...huge nerd), set up my sewing machine in the family room and got to work on a new bed for Tilly.

Quick aside: about 3 months ago, I came home from work to find this:

She destroyed her bed. It's partially my fault, because I took the cover off of it to wash it and put a towel over the insert, which had a rip in it, and she thought it would be a fun toy.

So she needed a new one...and she better not destroy it this time.

She digs it, clearly.

In fact, she's curled up on it right now. 

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