Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Counting my blessings.

Although I might have skipped over Thanksgiving while decorating our house, I'm certainly not skipping over all of the things I'm thankful for in my life. This year, we've had lots of changes...some of them have been wonderful, some have been heartbreaking, and all have taught me invaluable lessons in patience and gratitude, in Grace and in hard-work, in hidden strengths and in the healing power of laughter and most of all, love.

Ok, clearly I should not have watched the last Jon & Kate plus 8 last night. Waaaay too emotional.

(Quick aside, did any of you watch it? If that wasn't a primer for why you shouldn't tick off a production company that has hours of footage of you, I don't know what is. Not the kindest edit of Jon.)

Deep thoughts aside, here's just a smattering of what I'm thankful for:

Is anything happier than this color? I think not. 

Never before has another kitchen appliance so changed my life...or helped lengthen the amount of time I can snooze. 

I will especially be thankful for fires in the fireplace when it's cold enough in Dallas to have another one! 

Thankful for peppermint Mint Water, and for Mikell for introducing me to it. It's like crack, but healthy. 

So, so pretty.


Finally, a place in Dallas to buy the fabric I covet. 

I live in these boots from Target. So much so that I'm actually on my second pair.

Yes, I like to drink rose champagne. I'm unapologetically girly when it comes to that. I am also thankful for the very fun, if somewhat fuzzy memories that said champagne has played an important role in. 

I'm thankful for everyone in this picture...and for all of my dear friends who aren't in this picture, too. 

I'm thankful for my fabulous family...as well as for Ben, who wasn't here yet when this was taken and especially for Ruben, who we miss a whole lot. 

The Tillster. Even though she gets muddy in the yard and jumps up on our white bedding when it is still warm from the dryer. 

 And of course, I'm thankful for him...and his killer dance moves.

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