Thursday, November 19, 2009

Italy dreamin'.

I was flipping though an album last night in search of one certain photograph, and instead I ended up spending an hour pouring through pics from our honeymoon to Italy.

Two things struck me: one, that I think we need to go back stat, and two, that the interiors of the first hotel we stayed at were incredible. Hotel Caruso is in Ravello, a fantastic small town high on a cliff along the Amalfi coast. I swear, I could live in our hotel room for the rest of my life and be happy as a clam.

Our room...the television was hidden within the chest at the end of the bed. I can't tell you how many times I've looked at our ugly black TV hanging on the wall and wished for one of those.

The balcony attached to our room...there was an entire lower level that I was standing on to take the photograph. 
The bathroom.  This is exactly what I'd like our master bath re-do to look like. 
The view from the balcony. No, this isn't an interior, but COME ON. Are you kidding me with this?? Even when it's overcast, it's gorgeous. 
The hotel has tons of hidden areas with gorgeous restored frescoes...(btw, what. a. nerd.)
Gardens along the walkway to the pool...
Another amazing fresco...
Funny story here. This picture was taken about 4 minutes before I tried to get in the water, grabbed the stair rail (that was not attached to the boat)  the wrong way, flew back and hit the *&^%& out of my tailbone on the corner of the bench. I was so stunned by the pain that I jumped off the side of the boat into the frigid water and asked Allen if he thought the water was cold enough to numb my entire lower body.  Which it wasn't. So I hobbled back on board the boat and literally could not sit down or go down stairs without ridiculous amounts of pain for the next 3 days. Good thing there are so many wheelchair ramps that I could slowly walk down in towns built on the sides of mountains in Italy.


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