Monday, November 2, 2009

Good bones, GREAT blog!

Today is all about inspiration, blogfriends.  I'm turning over a new leaf, and simply refuse to let Mondays get me down.

Did that sound desperate convincing?

If you don't already follow the blog good bones, great pieces (and you probably do, as I seem to be the last person to know about this fabulousness), log into Bloglines and add them immediately.

The brilliant and charming minds behind the blog are these darling people...

...Lauren and Suzanne McGrath. It's a mother/daughter duo with 2 impressive bios and amazing style!

I'm digging this post on vintage hotel silver.  What's better than a piece with a little history, even if you have to add a little imagination and make the story up?

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goodbonesgreatpieces said...

Thanks Hannah! We're glad you found us:)
Lauren and Suzanne at good bones, great pieces