Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The nursery that launched 1,000 nurseries.

If you used to read Domino (or if you obsessively re-read your old copies like some people might---that's not weird, right?) then you are surely familiar with this:

Obsessed. Especially with the fact that the designer (whose name has completely escaped me at the moment) was bold enough to use bright pink carpet squares in her baby boy's room. Allen would be appalled if I tried that, as would probably most other people in my life. But I LOVE it.

Anyway---I also love the giraffe on the wall. How fun is that? Especially against the baby blue walls?

The company name is Inke, and they have many different wallpaper silhouettes for purchase, including an elephant, a monkey and the Town Musicians of Bremen. If you don't know what I'm referring to, get thyself to wikipedia stat. You missed a very important fairy tale in your childhood and need to remedy that immediately.

Back to the point of this post: I think Baby Boy A needs one of these.

I was thinking about this tree, which is as tall as the wall:
Here's what a similar one looks like in a room:

But now that I just got all high and mighty about the Town Musicians, I'm thinking that might be better.

Not exactly, and probably not the right color, but you get the point.

And for those of you who don't, the animals are supposed to be standing on top of each other.


Karen said...

Honey - LOVE the pink rug tiles in this nursery....and "real" boys need not only be surrounded by blue...this nursery is actually quite masculine, in my opinion. Whatever you choose, it will look great.
xxoo Mom

Saara @ GEORGE Interior Design said...

so excited for you! I LOVE designing nurseries and would probably become strictly a nursery designer if I could...maybe I can? Love that domino nursery, I did my daughter's room last year and used decals. Just wanted to tell you that Etsy has tons too, and they are more economical (if you care about $) I used Byrdie Graphics and she was great, and you can cusomize colors and size. I did the wild flowers and its was super cute...doing a blog soon about it! Secondly, two cute ideas....for a boys room I love a wall of chalkboard paint. It would be cute with the decals on it and also love the black dresser against it (see link)...and also love doing something on the ceiling....like bird wallpaper or something similar (again see link). I featured two adorable nurseries on this link....the first was in Domino too. http://georgeinteriordesign.blogspot.com/2009/10/take-color-overhead.html

Anyways, just some ideas! It's so much fun!
ps. sorry for this novel!

Hannah said...

thank you for the wonderful ideas!! I'll head to etsy and check it all out. I LOVE the bird paper on the ceiling of the yellow nursery. I wish I could paper the baby's room at our house...but the texture that's already on the wall from years and years ago means it would be a much larger project than I'm ready for. :) I love chalkboard paint, too...