Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tile Help

Blogfriends, I need your help.

Has anyone used either the 3X6 American Olean subway tile from Lowe's or the Rittenhouse 3X6 Semi-Gloss subway tile available at Home Depot? Any thoughts, preferences, etc?

Any recommendations on the best 2 inch hex tile? I think we're going with white on that, too...unless anyone has any thoughts on carerra that's reasonably priced. And no square spacers between the tile--just the hexagons.

Also, I'm thinking 1/16" spacing and Maipai Silver grout.

Your brilliance and insight would be most appreciated!!


ConleyChronicles said...

I'm not sure this post is in English....wish I could help, but I know it will be beautiful whatever you decide!

Megsy said...

you might ask Melissa Eakes as she used subway tiles and correra marble in her whole house.


HI there,

I have used the subways from Home Depot and they worked out GREAT! I wish there was some way that I could attach a picture for you. 1/16' grout joint is perfect - just tell your sub to butt joint the tiles. My client was very happy and you wouldn't really know that they weren't more expensive. Best deal going. As far as the 2" hexagons.. have you looked at DALtile? I believe they have a straight white hex. Look at Bianca carrera if you want to go cheap carrera. it's only $6-7 a sf but it has a lot of gray mottling. It is not creamy with distinct veins running through like you'd probably like. Where do you need the carrera? Check out pre-fab vanities at PB or RH if that is what it is for... and you'll get a much better price. One thing to keep in mind mixing your subway tiles with your white hexes... the whites are VERY different and there are warm whites and cool whites. Check them out together to make sure that you like the look before you buy. Hope that helps! Congrats on the little boy by the way!