Monday, March 29, 2010

Baby blue

That's's a little boy!! Long story short: I tumbled down a few stairs at work on Friday afternoon (NOTE: I am the clumsiest pregnant woman ever. It's getting ridiculous.) and decided I should probably go to the dr's office to make sure everything was ok.  

She listened to the heartbeat and sent me for a sonogram...everything is fine! He's a resilient little guy.  I watched the screen like a hawk and when it came time to check to see if "it" was a he or a she, even I could tell that our little baby was a sweet little boy.  Let's just say he's not very modest. 

Honestly, I was shocked. I had completely convinced myself that we were having a little girl, and so now it's back to the drawing board with nursery design, etc.  But I'm so excited...especially since boys are supposed to love their momma's the most. :)  

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