Friday, March 12, 2010

A little color to light up your Friday.

I've talked about Leland before...a perfect little place in northern Michigan, settled right between crystal clear Lake Leelanau and the turquoise waters of Lake Michigan.

And to those of you who think I'm embellishing how unbelievably beautiful it is, I challenge you to spend a weekend there and not be completely smitten. Just ask Allen---the first time he ever traveled there with me, our flight from DC was canceled and we couldn't get out until the next morning. Upon learning this news, I promptly broke out in tears in the middle of the terminal, which is very out of character for me.

He may disagree, of course.

Anywho--after looking at me with a completely befuddled look on his face, he picked up my suitcase, and we went home.

The next morning, after finally landing at Cherry Capitol Airport and driving the 45 mins to my grandmother's cottage on Lake Leelanau, he looked at me again and said, "Ok. I get why you were so upset."

VICTORY!  I am not just an emotional basket case!!

Back to the point--

One of the best things about Leland is the sheer number of talented artists the community grandmother, Eloise Fahs, among them.

This photograph was taken when Grams was in high school...isn't it just so elegant and beautiful? LOVE her.

Another artist whose work I can't get enough of in Leland is Brenda J. Clark, of Brenda J. Clark Gallery.     

When we're in Leland, I always stop at the gallery to check out her latest me, her use of bold and bright color is such a reflection of the vibrancy of the area.

A few favorites:

Someday, I hope to have one (or many!)  of Brenda's wonderful paintings hanging in our home, bringing my favorite place in the world just that much closer 365 days a year.

Happy Friday, blogfriends!

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clarkbb said...

Thanks for such kind words about my artwork. I am appreciative and hope that you will let us know when you visit Leland again. We need to make sure you take a painting home this time!

Most sincerely,

Brenda J. Clark