Monday, April 5, 2010

Diamonds are a girls best friend...

Lately, baubles of any kind seem to be my best friend. I have become OBSESSED with jewelry, which I chalk up to one of two things:

1. I am becoming extra girly as the time grows nearer in which I'll be outnumbered as the girl in our house (besides Tilly, who does love her accessories..remember the bows I showed you that she lurrrves when it's grooming time?);

2.  The more pregnant I become, the more I attempt to draw peoples eyes away from the belly and the fact that I've worn the same shirt 2X in one week.

Last week, on a hunt for some cute maternity work pants (which, by the way, do not exist), I wandered into J. Crew and found all of this goodness:

(Side note: Yes, I know they don't carry maternity clothes. But I needed to just remind myself what pants and skirts with a defined waistband looked like.)

Dear Jewelry Fairy: I'll take all of them, please.


Megsy said...

Congrats Hannah! I got a pair of GREAT blank slacks when I was pregnant with William. The brand is Noppies and you can buy them at Pickles and Ice Cream. Definatly one of my best maternity purchases. I have several friends who really liked them too. They are made well, don't require ironing and were perfect for work or going out.

Hannah said...

Thank you! That's very helpful, since I'll probably live in them over the next few months!

Kirsten said...

I love diamonds!