Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Adventures in applications.

WARNING: This is a baby related post.  I am trying not to turn this into a blog all about my baby, but sometimes, there will be things related to the lil' bit and not at all related to home design, decor, etc. This is one of those times. 

Over the past few weeks, I've spent some time gathering applications to local programs, like Mother's Day Out and all-day care for infants, and have also been calling pediatricians to set up pre-natal consults.

May I first say that this feels completely odd.

I am not showing (to other people--I think I look gigantic).

Also, I'm only 14 weeks pregnant...barely a third of the way there.

But apparently you have to get on waiting lists for pre-natal appointments. And applications for "school" programs for infants are due many, many months before they are born. In some cases, before they are conceived.

Many of these programs require a lot of information... like the sex of the child, the name of the child, etc...all things that are difficult to know when registration for 2011 is December 2009 or January of 2010 and your baby isn't due until September of '10.

But today, I experienced what has to be the most bizarre requirement on the planet.

One school, which will remain unnamed, required "examples of work" from my child. Which makes no sense because a) my child is in utero and b) even if my child weren't in utero, he/she will be a tiny baby, so I'm not sure where we would get an example of his/her work.

So, I called the admissions office. And here's how the conversation went:

Me: Hi. I'm working on an admissions application and had a quick question--is your example of work requirement for the infant class, as well?
Receptionist: Yes.
Me: Oh. Um. Ok. Well, my child isn't born yet---I'm not due until September.
R: Well, in that case, it's not required.
Me: Oh, great! I was concerned, because I wasn't quite sure what we would submit, and I'm already late for the application process, but unfortunately, I didn't know I was pregnant last December when applications were due so I feel a little behind the ball...
R (interrupting me): You are late. We'd only be evaluating your application for a possible spot on the waiting list.
Me: I understand.
R: Back to the requirements. You'll need to submit work product for the 2 year old Pre-K class. I would encourage you to sign up for that as soon as possible. Classes usually fill up a year and a half in  advance.
Me: So, I'll need to show work product at application time, or work product closer to when the child is 2?
R: At application.
Me: So, from my 6 month old.
R: Yes.
Me: Ok. Um...could you please give me an example of work product parents submit?
R: Anything from their previous school.
Me: Ok! Thanks for your time. Bye-ee!

And I promptly through that application in the trash.

Brighter note: I got a pre-natal consult! With the 4th pediatrician I tried. Yay! My child will have medical care!

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