Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Window shopping in Paris.

Wouldn't you just love to be doing that right now? I can't count the number of times I'd rather be here:

Yup. At the House of Truffles. Best. place. in. Paris.

Or here, with him:

Not inside, necessarily...just people watching on a bench. Preferably eating my weight in these:
Oh, my. The macaroons.

Quick funny story before I get back to the point of my post, which I promise wasn't just an excuse to post pictures of Allen and me on vacation. Because of course I'm sure you are dying to see pics of us in front of all of the places that everyone else takes their picture, too.

Anyway, the story:

Our last day in Paris, we decided to quit walking and do something terribly touristy---hop on the water taxi. Except that we got on the wrong boat (darn language barriers!) and ended up on the non-stop tour up the Seine. It was paaaaiiinnnffuullll. So we entertained ourselves by taking pictures of all of the people taking pictures.

This group was HILARIOUS. They were all traveling together, and were obviously very good friends. But they ALL took pictures of every. single. building in Paris. They literally never sat down. And everytime they got all excited about the building of interest at that moment, the white haired gentleman behind them tried his darndest to get the shot, too. He followed their lead on all photographs.

In the meantime, we'd already taken pictures of all of the buildings in question while walking around. So we took pictures of ourselves.

Ah, memories.

Back to window shopping. It's really more online shopping, but I can't get enough of this:

There are about a million things that should be mine.

Like these:

And this, although I'm not sure why I love it so much:

But I definitely know why I love this so much: 
Don't you think this needs to hang in our bathroom?
Yes, please. I'll take two. 
Hotel Silver from the Plaza! 
And while it's true that I don't have a need for a typewriter, exactly...I'm pretty sure if this was mine that I'd find a good use for it. 

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