Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gaga over Aga.

I've been an over the top Anglophile for years...I fell in love with England on a trip to London that my parents took us on to celebrate New Year's Eve when I was probably 11 years old, and I've never looked back. My love for all things British permeates into...

...what I like to read (if it's chick-lit and it's set somewhere in Great Britian, chances are I've read it about 8,000 times.  If it's Jane Austen, I've got it memorized)...

...the movies I love and watch over and over and over (Love Actually, anyone?)...

...actresses I adore and kinda want to be best friends with...

..and, of course, my husband's Halloween costume.

Prince Harry, in case you couldn't tell. :)

But the thing I've always really, really loved is this:

Aga stoves.

Nothing conjures up a warm, cozy kitchen like an Aga. It's laid back, unprententious, and there's something about an Aga that is just so much more inviting that stainless steel.

Cosy like this kitchen from "The Holiday" (via Hooked on Houses):

Granted, there isn't an Aga in this picture. But there should be.

I love how the stove just disappears into the cabinetry here.

 Via Traditional Home
While the black and white backsplash here is a little busy for me, it's also pretty fun.That parrot is cracking me up.

Just a few more, for your viewing pleasure:

Kinda makes you want to take a trip to the Cotswolds, huh?

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