Friday, December 4, 2009

Deckin' the door.

This weekend we're FINALLY putting up the outdoor Christmas decorations!

And by we, I mean Allen. Who's stoked. 

Or, not.

But, it has to be done. So I did a little online inspiration searching today and now I'm thinking that we might need a few more things. :)

Southern Living has pretty easy directions on how to make your own magnolia wreath, just like this one

I'd probably change the shape a little and choose a different color for the bow, but this looks like something I could probably handle. AND, it's a great use for the magnolia leaves that fall from enormous tree in my neighbors yard into ours. Every day. All day. 

Up next is a project I actually tackled last year (and it's not for outside use, either, but I have topic ADD today) courtesy Martha.

These candles are so, so, so pretty both when they are unlit and lit. But then again, you all know how I feel about glitter, so maybe I'm not an unbiased source.

Speaking of glitter...I'm thinking of making a few of these

to attach to the wreath on our back door. It's covered (a little) and is pretty sheltered from the elements.

This is a cute idea from BH&G...fill up my planters with greenery and some inexpensive Christmas tree balls from Michaels. Granted, this all would be much prettier with snow, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

Wish me luck...I'll post pics on Monday!

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