Sunday, July 18, 2010


We (almost) finished the nursery today!! I'm pretty excited. :) Only thing left to do is have the mirrors painted, hang them over the changing table and wait until we see his sweet little face, so we can take a picture of it (or, more likely, 100,999,387 pictures of it) and put it in the frame over the crib with the pics of his mommy, daddy, grandparents and great grandparents when they were little.

We also need roman blinds for the windows, but that's going to have to wait for a bit. I spent that part of the budget on the glider. Already I can tell you that I think I made the right decision! 

The Louisville Slugger next to the big elephant is going over the window, eventually...

My mom and dad bought us the mobile for Valentine's Day...back then it seemed like FOREVER until he'd get here. I love the sweet birds. Hopefully he will, too. I realize he won't be able to actually focus on it for a few months, but we've got other things to help with that. 

When it's totally complete I'll do a better job of taking you on a tour, with sources, and more detail.

Because after he's born, I'm going to have ooodles of time, right??


In other, equally exciting news...guess what else is finished?!??!

The bathroom!! Hallelujah! Pinch me! I truly was beginning to think this day would never come.

Here you go:

It's so darn teeny in there it's a bit of a bugger to photograph. But with the ceiling lifted and the pedestal sink, it feels SO much bigger!


Karen said...

Everything looks just perfect! You and Allen have done a wonderful job making your sweet house into a beautiful family home. Love you - xoxoxo, Mom

Jason & Jessica said...

So cute, Hannah! And the bathroom is beautiful! Love the tiles!

Meredith McBrearty said...

Hannah, love the glider and it's all so cute! Also thanks for the shoutout! xoxo