Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pouf, you're comfy.

A few years ago, I bought a John Derian pouf that I LOVE and that Allen tolerates. He has made fun of me a million times about how unnecessary a piece of furniture it is, and while I completely disagree with him, I will admit that it didn't get much use.

Until now....it's in the nursery, serving a very, very important purpose--footrest for the glider. :) 

So imagine my excitement this AM when I logged into Overstock.com to see if I could get yet another steal on a seagrass rug for our bedroom...and found these!! 

Anyone need one? The white and yellow are darling....

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Saara @ GEORGE Interior Design said...

A glider footrest is actually very important - not joking! Apparently if you are breastfeeding (not sure if you plan to) it helps if you're feet are elevated. :)