Friday, April 16, 2010

The beginning of a nursery.

My parents were in town last weekend and we got a kick start on the nursery...moved one twin bed and some ikea storage out, and moved 9 paint samples and one installed chandelier in.

I'll post pics soon as I locate the thingy that plugs into my computer and transfers pics from my camera.

I'm a real tech girl, can't you tell?

But here's a sneak peak at the fabrics I'm using for the sides of the bumper and the single center pleat skirt, minus the white twill, which is underwhelming as an image on the computer.
This fabric will be on the top and bottom of the bumper pads (they are about 3 inch thick) and the ties, as well as a three inch strip at the bottom of the skirt

This is actually more aqua in person

The piping on the bumper and the skirt is in this: 

The crib sheets are this: 

I bought a 5X9 striped Dash and Albert rug for the floor:

And the white Jenny Lind crib arrived yesterday!!!
The twin bed that's currently in the room will stay outfitted w/ the white comforter cover that's currently on it, but I did buy the twin sheet set and a sham in the trellis pattern above...and I might add DIY grosgrain trim to the top of the duvet cover in a contrasting color.

With all the white furniture and the white bedding, we decided to paint the nursery aqua...9 paint swatches later, I think we finally settled on the Martha Stewart for Home Depot paint in Lagoon. It's a gorgeous color, but too dark at 100 so we tried it at 50%...and then at 25%....and now it's perfect. Still enough color to be cheerful and to contrast w/ the white, but calm enough that it will make the room conducive to sleep. :)


Uptown Girl said...

REB walls ! Yay!

Megsy said...

You are gonna LOVE having the twin bed in the nursery!