Thursday, April 8, 2010

Slowly but surely...

I'm selling my craft room. 

Well, not the room obviously. But many of the things in the room. We just don't have room for all of it in the house! 

I'm a complete ebay novice, but last night, I listed the drapes as well as the euro shams and boudoir pllows from the twin beds...(sob). 

I thought about keeping them for the next baby on the chance it might be a girl, but then Allen pointed out that I wasn't planning on using it for a girl nursery ever (always the voice of reason, that one) and so we decided I'd take the ebay plunge. 

I have 4 Pine Cone Hill Gianna Euro Shams in Peony, 4 Pine Cone Hill Gianna drapery panels in Peony, and 2 Pine Cone Hill boudoir pillows in the same pattern/color. The boudoir pillows come with the pillow forms, but the Euros do not. 

They've barely been used and are all in perfect condition...the panels haven't been shortened at all. 

Here's the link to  my ebay store if you are interested:

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