Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Long time, no see.

And that's my fault. I'm sorry!

But we've got something big in the works here at Simply Perfect Home, and when I'm at liberty to tell you about it, you'll understand why I've been so busy/MIA!

Until then, however, I have been on the hunt for a very important household staple. Besides new bedding. And no, we haven't come to a concensus on that at our house.

We need new rugs. Baaaaad. It's embarassing. Several of the rugs in our home were purchased at Ikea, and while I love the price, and frankly didn't expect them to hold up as well as they have for 3 years a)in a high traffic area and b)while being exposed to a darling, but slightly mad little pup, it's time to change 'em.

So, we're looking for a few perfect rugs.

First on my list is this indoor/outdoor rug from Dash and Albert:

We have a smaller version in green in our kitchen and I. love. it.

Seriously, these are amazing. It's SO easy to clean, it's comfortable to stand on and it keeps really well. AND, my fave store in Dallas, Uptown Country Home, carries the entire line. So it's easy to order!

Only thing is, I finally took my chairs to be upholstered and I wonder if the Chiang Mai and the diamond pattern are a little much. Maybe this is a better choice for another room...or our patio?

I found this much simpler version over at Overstock.com:

 Not a whole lot going on there. Which really is a-ok. Just wonder how it will hold up to T after she's had a bath and feels the need to run 26.2 miles around the coffee table as fast as she can.

I also found this rug on the Pottery Barn website:

It looks comfy cosy for our bedroom, but I have one small problem with Pottery Barn rugs.

They smell.

Anyone else notice that? I've purchased 3 PB rugs in my life and all of them have had the exact same smell. That never, ever, ever goes away.

And finally, in my la-la-land dream world, I want a personalized rug from Jonathan Adler. This, if I was keeping it neutral:

But this, if I was kickin' it up a notch:

By the way, if you haven't spent time on his Design Your Own site yet, leave now and go play. Just make sure you have at least 2 hours set apart. And an unlimited budget. You will not be able to stop with just one thing, I promise.

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