Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Can't. Stop. Watching.

Anyone else completely and totally obsessed with the Winter Olympics?

Quick aside:  this is probably the first and last time that sports will ever be discussed on this blog. You may have gathered by now that I'm not the sportiest.

But I LOVE the Winter Games. There's just something about it that I can't get away from. I've even gone so far as to tivo all daytime broadcasts so that I can watch them in between commercial breaks on the prime time airing.

So I decided to look up the Athlete's Village, since you always hear so much about it and I'm nosy. Headed over to HGTV Canada, and here's what I found:

Um. Hmm.

Hopefully their medals will cheer things up a bit?

Let's move on to something more exciting than black leather sofas and black bedspreads.

Like the half pipe. Best. Olympic. Event. Ever.

And speaking of the half pipe...

I have a total crush. From the sound of the screeching in the crowd at the Oprah show, I'm not the only one. Allen thinks it's bizarre, but I'm REALLY hoping that if our baby is a boy, that he has that laid back  personality.

There's only one part of the Olympics that I can't handle...men's figure skating. While I completely appreciate the incredible talent and athleticism that the skaters have, and while I'm SO glad that the US took gold, I can't get past the costumes. To be honest, I think they are distracting!! Not sure that many sequins and things like glittery snakes are necessary.

But that's just my opinion!

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