Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The source for all things, not just paper.

I've been OBSESSED with Paper Source for a long, long time now.

It started 5 years ago in DC when they built the 2-story store in Georgetown on M Street and I specifically got off the 'tro at Foggy Bottom (love that name, by the way, always have always will) to walk the 7 blocks to the store and then the additional mile and a half UPHILL to our condo, completely loaded down with bags.

Which is sayin' a lot for me. 

The first year we were married I decided to hand make our C'mas cards with Paper Source was a 2 month project, but I loved it. Allen didn't really love that 300 sq feet of our 700 sq foot condo was strewn with cardstock, embossing powder and silver glitter for 8 weeks, but it was a good "welcome to your new life" experience for him.

Any-whoo---I stopped by the NorthPark store yesterday and had a field day. 
These are on Baby A's ceiling.  It looks soooooo cute.

This is his baby book. Oh, I can't wait to put his little footprint on there.

That's about all I actually purchased. But what I really wanted to do was buy one of every. single. thing. in the store.

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